Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am always lusting after the idea of 'perfect bedding'. We have an old quilt on our bed now that the boyfriend had while in the Navy. I'd like for the little lady to have a quilt for her room one day as well. When I was young I was raised to appreciate antiques & vintage items. My gramma & mom would go thrifting on a constant daily basis. Back then thrifting was considered to be for people who were 'poor'. My family owned our own restaurant & shipping business, 'poor' we were not (Oh how the tides have changed!). It was all about hunting for treasures. I hope that one day the little lady of our house is able to treasure used items the way I was taught. And if I find the perfect old quilt for her I hope it is something she will appreciate for a lifetime.

via sabinemoon via Ebay

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