Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sale on Sale.

My fancy Droid photo kills are slobber worthy. NOT.

I have one serious rule of thumb when shopping for clothes for the little lady of my house. SALE. I do not pay full price for anything unless it is under $10- already. And that is a rare occasion I will even do that. So rare there are only 3 items I paid full price for in these photos & in total together they cost me less than $20-. When a child grows out of clothes in only 6 months spending a lot of money IS pointless.

I have been shopping for the little ladies summer wardrobe since before New Years. Collecting over the last 5 months so as to not spend a lot of dough all at once. Momma is a waitress, I ain't rollin' in the cash if you know what I mean. WORD?

On the roster:
-7 Tunics
-3 Dresses
-4 Skirts
-11 Tees
-10 Shorts
-9 Tanks
-2 Halters
-5 1/4 Length Sleeve Tops (For chillier nights)
-5 Leggings
-2 Belts
-1 Hoodie
AND 1 Awesome Leopard Print Denim Vest. Yes.

I shopped the Memorial Day Sale @ Old Navy today & all sale items were an additional 50% off. I kept the employees busy checking prices for me. I'm sure they hate me, but saving over 50% in one shopping trip is worth the hate.

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